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November 19, 2013 Posted by

D/G FILM Indy Artist Showcase Nov. 27th

October 2, 2013 Posted by

Bopping makes its move with the help of Chicago Video Director, DGainz

Chicago hip-hop's latest hot dance is more fun than footworking, and it's already got a star in Lil Kemo—all it needs now is a crossover hit.

Leor Galil at the Chicago Reader just completed an extensive and in-depth piece on Chicago’s burgeoning “bop” scene — a.k.a. the dance craze that’s taking over the city. Leor describes the dance in detail, discussing its origin and giving shine to the major players on the scene BUT no video has given bop a bigger boost than King Louie's "My Niggaz," a DGainz production that features Biggs showing off his moves—it's racked up more than a million views since its release in January. The video has given Biggs a boost too.

The paper should be available on newsstands late tonight and early tomorrow morning. Head over to the Reader site to check it out if you can’t wait for it.

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